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Research project "Sechín Bajo"


For the Berlin-based archaeological company "Archäo Kontrakt", ITnB-Development reconstructed one of the ancient (3300 b.C.) sites of the peruvian Casma valley as part of the research project "Sechín Bajo". The site is about 180x120 meters large with a height of 18 meters and an annex of about 50x45x6 meters.

Since the site has only been partially excavated yet, one aim of the visualization is to deliver an overview to plan future excavations which will then in return add more detail to the reconstruction.

To present the current state of research, the visualization was presented to the public during the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2006" in Berlin and to an audience of other scientists at the "52. internationaler Amerikanisten Kongress" in Sevilla. Furthermore, the virtual reconstruction of the site was displayed in realtime at the Siggraph 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • "Sechín Bajo"
  • www.langenachtderwissenschaften.de
  • www.siggraph.org
  • www.52ica.com